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Jeggings and Jitneys: NYC Part I

tiny hello kittyBack from NYC, a whirlwind tour of Manhattan by subway and foot. There would have been a ferry involved as well if the wait to get on it had not been an hour and a half.

Now back in the Midwest, I bring stories to my Midwestern brethren. Stories about jeggings (and leggings) and buses called jitneys. And lots of things lying on curbs and clothes, glorious clothes, and people who are not at all well in the head.

But first, jeggings.

I never took this trend seriously. Jeggings? Leggings made to look like jeans only tight, tight like leggings with no real zipper or buttons but perhaps the imitation of them, plus seams, drawn onto the fabric? Yes.

If I were, say, Great Britain during the time when GB controlled India, jeggings would be Ghandi. Someone, something, that I didn’t take very seriously at first and then… and then… oh, shit. Something like that.

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The Overload

RC-Sale-PosterSmallSquareWe’ve been getting ready for the yard sale. I feel a bit overwhelmed by my stuff. By Monday night, I just had this overwhelming need to get everything out of the basement and into the garage, despite the 90+ degree heat and the fact that I hadn’t priced a thing. I just needed it out of my immediate living space. I looked around the messy basement and thought:

1. My God. Look at all this stuff. What if my house looked like this all the time?

2. My God. I am paralyzed by my stuff. I don’t know if I can make one more Keep-Sell-Discard decision.

If you think about it, it’s fairly ridiculous to be “captive” to inanimate objects. It’s weird to think how much emotion I invest in some of my stuff. I absolutely can’t part with some things. I got weirdly possessive over my x-small Spice Girls t-shirt that I don’t fit into anymore. And the pink sweatshirt with the enormous Hello Kitty head on the front, in sequins? Well, I’m still holding on to that.

Here are some of the random items (this is really just a partial list – much, much more) I’m parting with on Saturday:

Baby This-N-That
Cap Guns
Dolls Of All Nations Collection
Paper Dolls
Gold wedge shoes
Spice Girls Pack (t-shirt, pencils, unopened CD)
Shaun Cassidy albums with one worn Shaun Cassidy poster
1986 Santa Bear (Marshall Fields and then Daytons used to come out with one every Christmas)
Care Bear
Cabbage Patch Doll (my sister has hers, too, and found the “adoption papers” that came with it)
Kid books from 1970s, 80s
Michael Jackson biography + buttons
Annie doll and Annie locket
3 piece silk suit from Dayton’s Oval Room – Asian print
Many pop culture buttons
Knick knacks galore – so many! Including a green monkey I painted in the early 90s and named “Locke”
Some Fisher Price stuff – a School Days Desk
So many weird odds-n-ends. I think people will have fun digging through this bin of weird stuff
Bright green spring coat
Bright pink dress
Clown costume
Clown figurines (these are my sister’s)
Michigan State jacket
High school letter jacket
Giant Robot magazine collection
Coffee table
Asian-themed art
Dog figurines  with rabbit hair on their heads. At least I hope it’s rabbit hair and not cat hair.
Table lamp from Target (I HATE)
IKEA shelves

I can’t even go on. Too much! Soon all to be gone!

If you’re in Mpls, stop by 4346 Wentworth on Saturday, Aug. 14th between 8 and 4. If there are any early birds, they can help us set up! Keith and his friend Grant will be providing music to shop to. Hopefully they can play some rockin’ 80s music.

The Revolutionary Costume – T-Shirts Now Available

little edie tshirt blogOh, hi. Thank heaven you’re here.
You look absolutely terrific, honestly.
(Mother wanted me to come out in a kimono so we had quite a fight…)

OK, I finally did it. I put the Little Edie t-shirts up for sale on etsy.

Visit my little shop with its one t-shirt style! Less is more, right?

Everyone is always bragging about how great is but I found at least the initial store set-up bewildering and time-consuming. But still. I’ve got a Not Shallow store and it’s open for bidness.

I’m going to add more portrait t-shirts in the months to come. But who wants to think about that after all the labor of just getting these first t-shirts up there? Guess what? I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon.

Really, all I wanted to do was make a Little Edie t-shirt available to the masses. Or, uh, about 13 of you.

Was anyone else scandalized that Drew Barrymore didn’t even give any thanks to Little Edie or Big Edie in her acceptance speech for her Golden Globe on Sunday? She’s no Little Edie!

And that’s the revolutionary costume for today.
To show the polo riders, in khakis and topsiders,
Just what a revolutionary costume has to say.
It can’t be ordered from L.L. Bean.
There’s more to living than kelly green.
And that’s the revolution, I mean.

Da da da da dum…

The Official Preppy Handbook: Dressing Preppy

green_whale_pinkIf you’re looking to express your offbeat, kooky personality, dressing preppy probably isn’t for you. The number one principle is sameness. Sameness from day-to-day but also sameness with your fellow Preps. You have your sturdy go-to wardrobe staples – your beige corduroys for the weekend, your tennis whites, your navy blue suit, pink polo for picnics – and then you never need to think about wardrobe ever again.

Still intrigued? Here are some basic tenets to follow when dressing, courtesy of the Handbook:

1. Conservatism
2. Neatness – Yes, you do need to tuck in your shirt.
3. Attention to detail – skimp on the details and everyone will spot you for a fake!
4. Practicality – forget stiletto heels; embrace the classic pump
5. Quality – No, you don’t go to Forever 21 and load up on trendy clothes.
6. Natural Fibers – synthetics scream disco era, poor taste, lack of money.
7. Anglophilia – Except maybe for Burberrys, now that they’ve cheapened the brand.
8. Specific Color Blindness – pastels do go with primary colors!
9. The Sporting Look – even if you’d never hunt down a spider in your bathroom in order to flush it down the toilet, it’s best to look as if you’re joining a fox hunt in ten minutes. Or going off to flush pheasants from your hedges. But beware: the deer hunting look doesn’t pass muster.
10. Androgyny – your khakis, rain gear, wool sweaters and tweed jackets should look just as good on Muffy as they do on Bink.

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The Best Rummage Money Can Buy

I’ve been Rummage Crazy. I cleaned out my entire basement and now it seems I’m eager to fill it back up with more stuff. Here’s a review of the rounds I’ve made recently:

Incarnation Church, 38th and Pleasant in Minneapolis – I anticipate church rummage sales like Christmas morning. My theory is this – people hold on to their “best” rummage for the church sale because they want to do a good deed. Their stuff will bring in money for the church, thus dealing with any of their Catholic guilt over not putting as much in the collection basket as they could have during the year. This sale was part of the church’s annual Oktoberfest Celebration. When I went to the sale, they were readying a pork dinner for the evening. Nothing says rummage like the smell of pork in a church basement.

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Hell is Shopping for a Swimming Suit

vintage-suit.jpgI’m the gal who doesn’t think about acquiring a new suit until it’s the middle of July. Imagine my surprise to find that everything is picked over, out of stock or just cleaned up and put away, save for a tiny rack of bikinis fit for third graders. No, the American Girl dolls that third graders lug around.

The scene at Macy’s yesterday was one of utter disgruntlement. I wasn’t the only one feeling it. There were several of us just weaving around the racks as if we were the lone survivors of the Swimming Suit Apocalypse, destined to browse through racks and racks of mismatched lycra. I’ve never seen such a hodge podge of shit! Could someone be hired to keep this all straight?

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Blacklist Vintage Opens in Mpls

A new vintage store called Blacklist had its official opening last Saturday night and I was right there, except without bells on.

Blacklist is owned by Jennifer Mumm and Vanessa Messersmith. It was great to see their friends turning out for the opening. There was a DJ duo and appetizers/snacks and a general feeling of festivity. They have a nice space that even has a low-ceilinged loft for guys vintage, a sometimes overlooked market.

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Gunn’s Top Ten Wardrobe Staples

I think I’ve almost exhausted Tim Gunn’s book about style but thought I would post his “Top Ten” list of pieces a woman should have in her closet. It’s kind of ridiculous and then there is a lot of truth here as well. I wish I would have had a copy of this to give to the woman I saw waiting for the bus this morning wearing a mint green long sleeved shirt and mom jeans. Strange outfit but also – it’s July! It’s going to be 80 degrees! What are you wearing? And who looks good in mint green? What skin tone does mint go nicely with? I contend no skin tone. But I’m being bitchy this week so maybe when I’m in a better mood I will embrace mint green…

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