American Apparel Off Our Backs!

powerfist.jpgI went into American Apparel: The Store about a month ago. While there, I felt very uncomfortable. It could have been the blaring rap music with lyrics that went something like this: “When you see a fine nigga, holla, don’t trip!” Wow, that gets me in the mood to spend, spend, spend! Apparently, AA hasn’t heard about the market research that’s been done on what kind of music makes people want to open their wallets.

I own an AA shirt that I like very much. I think it might be a men’s cut. So I went there scouting around for some tees… but what I found in the woman’s section were tiny scraps of clothing meant to pass as: running shorts, skirts, tank tops and t-shirts. Not to mention the shiny leggings. “Who would wear these?” I pondered. I got my answer yesterday when my neighbor across the street, a high school girl, stumbled out of her house wearing a baby doll tank dress and just such leggings underneath.

And then there are all those stories floating around about how the owner of AA has his female models give him blow jobs in his office…

Anyway, if you are looking for some basic, soft t-shirts that are CHEAP, go to Target. Go to the men’s underwear section and scope out the Hanes. Hanes is now making super soft shirts they call “Premium” that don’t have tags on the inside anymore. In keeping with the softness the tag is now stamped inside. I can’t help but think that Hanes had to step up it’s game after Americans decided that regular cotton was too scratchy on the skin.

I got three V-neck t-shirts for $9. I think one t-shirt at AA is like $25?? Don’t quote me on that. I know it depends on the style, etc. etc. And yeah, I know the whole thing about AA is that they make their t-shirts here, in the U.S. But sometimes you just want some cheap t-shirts and are tired of all the hype and then a little ticked off at all the tiny things and shiny tights and rap music.

I also got some Hanes tank tops. They are cut oddly, not meant to be worn with a bra, obviously. I put one on tonight and I kind of felt like Gay Man From 1987 Ready To Go Out and Dance. Not necessarily a bad thing. These tanks are LONG, by the way, so they are good for layering. I got a 4-pack for $9. I didn’t even realize there were 4 in there until I opened it. I got black and heather gray.

I know, how very un-P.C. of me. But still – $18 on seven t-shirts is my kind of deal.

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  1. Plus the lady mannequins have nipples. Or else they keep the store so cold, even plastic boobs can’t help but feel the chill.

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