Taking Matters Into My Own Hands: Skirt Update

I’m hard at work on making my first skirt from aforementioned pattern. Here are some things I don’t do that make me a crappy sewer:

1. There are little drawings on the pattern directions that show you how to lay your pattern pieces on the fabric so that they will all fit. I tend to just do it however I want. Has that ever gotten me in trouble? Yes.

2. You’re supposed to do something that makes sure the fabric is in alignment. Right now I can’t even remember what it’s called but you take a piece of thread from the fabric (that’s still attached) and pull so you can see the “grain” and then you are supposed to pull the fabric into alignment. I have never done this. The books all make this sound like its dire if you don’t. I don’t know what the grain is even when I’m studying the fabric. But also this ties into number 3…

3. Have patience.

Right now my skirt looks like something one might wear to go into town to get some dry goods at the mercantile. I can only hope that once front meets back and some hemming takes place, this will no longer be true. This is truly a no-frills skirt – not even any darts or anything. There is a zipper. That is all. I guess this is a good thing given my impatience. I am jazzing mine up a little bit by putting in a lining so it seems more finished.

One thought on “Taking Matters Into My Own Hands: Skirt Update

  1. sister, i am right there with ya.
    no patience.
    i can barely stand cutting out all the pieces. *sigh* i’ve had the very same plan of churning out 4 to 5 of the same skirt, should i find a suitable pattern, but that would require actually finishing a pattern, which i have yet to do.

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