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The Mighty Whitetail Deer Dress

Earlier in the summer, I used a coloring book from Fleet Farm to find an embroidery pattern of a whitetail buck. I eventually chose a buck’s head that I wanted to work with. I found a dress at Arc in Richfield that was cute and polka dotted but need some detailing. I embroidered my deer head onto it, took in the sides quite a bit and cut off about 4 inches from the bottom and hemmed it so that the overall effect was less frump, more fab. I found a purple belt to go with it but there is also a polka-dotted sash that came with the dress.

Here is the result of my handy work! The dress gets its official unveiling/first wearing on Monday.

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Take Me Down to The Party City

The folks at Party City weren’t kidding around when they named their business. This is a City that’s about the Party. Did you come here to Party? In the City? Cuz we built this city on Rock and Roll…

Their Halloween costumes mean some serious party business, too. If you are a gal, don’t think you’re going to find much that will conceal the lower third of your ass. If you’re a dude, I hope you look good in fangs and a smoking jacket.

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Pattern Fun

one-piece-dress.JPGI can’t decide what I think of this dress. Done in white, its horrendous. OK, maybe horrendous is a little bit much. But it is sort of a “Third-Times-the-Charm” bridal dress. I so want to draw a cigarette in a holder into her right hand and a martini glass into her left. Doesn’t she look a bit judgmental, like she knows something we don’t? Maybe she knows that if you make this dress in white, you are going to be making a big mistake.

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Taking Matters Into My Own Hands, Part I

I’m having trouble finding clothing I like. Why can’t anyone seem to manage to sell a good, old-fashioned skirt these days? I’ve tried shopping for skirts on many occasions and have always come home empty handed.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands, like a pioneer woman. When Ma Ingalls wanted a new bonnet or apron, she had to sew it. She had to sit in her rocking chair by the fire after dinner and sew. Those church-going clothes weren’t going to make themselves.

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The Ties That Bind Me

If you’re ever in thrift store and see all the men’s neckties hanging about and think, “There’s got to be something I can do with those,” you are not having an original thought.

Every fashion student at one time or another has tackled the question of what to do with ties. Most often, the neckties are fashioned into a skirt of many colors and patterns. How do I know this to be true? I mean, I never attended fashion school.

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