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The Overload

RC-Sale-PosterSmallSquareWe’ve been getting ready for the yard sale. I feel a bit overwhelmed by my stuff. By Monday night, I just had this overwhelming need to get everything out of the basement and into the garage, despite the 90+ degree heat and the fact that I hadn’t priced a thing. I just needed it out of my immediate living space. I looked around the messy basement and thought:

1. My God. Look at all this stuff. What if my house looked like this all the time?

2. My God. I am paralyzed by my stuff. I don’t know if I can make one more Keep-Sell-Discard decision.

If you think about it, it’s fairly ridiculous to be “captive” to inanimate objects. It’s weird to think how much emotion I invest in some of my stuff. I absolutely can’t part with some things. I got weirdly possessive over my x-small Spice Girls t-shirt that I don’t fit into anymore. And the pink sweatshirt with the enormous Hello Kitty head on the front, in sequins? Well, I’m still holding on to that.

Here are some of the random items (this is really just a partial list – much, much more) I’m parting with on Saturday:

Baby This-N-That
Cap Guns
Dolls Of All Nations Collection
Paper Dolls
Gold wedge shoes
Spice Girls Pack (t-shirt, pencils, unopened CD)
Shaun Cassidy albums with one worn Shaun Cassidy poster
1986 Santa Bear (Marshall Fields and then Daytons used to come out with one every Christmas)
Care Bear
Cabbage Patch Doll (my sister has hers, too, and found the “adoption papers” that came with it)
Kid books from 1970s, 80s
Michael Jackson biography + buttons
Annie doll and Annie locket
3 piece silk suit from Dayton’s Oval Room – Asian print
Many pop culture buttons
Knick knacks galore – so many! Including a green monkey I painted in the early 90s and named “Locke”
Some Fisher Price stuff – a School Days Desk
So many weird odds-n-ends. I think people will have fun digging through this bin of weird stuff
Bright green spring coat
Bright pink dress
Clown costume
Clown figurines (these are my sister’s)
Michigan State jacket
High school letter jacket
Giant Robot magazine collection
Coffee table
Asian-themed art
Dog figurines  with rabbit hair on their heads. At least I hope it’s rabbit hair and not cat hair.
Table lamp from Target (I HATE)
IKEA shelves

I can’t even go on. Too much! Soon all to be gone!

If you’re in Mpls, stop by 4346 Wentworth on Saturday, Aug. 14th between 8 and 4. If there are any early birds, they can help us set up! Keith and his friend Grant will be providing music to shop to. Hopefully they can play some rockin’ 80s music.