Cute Little Thang

keychain-small.bmpThis is the new keychain I got today at Robot Love in Minneapolis. It’s from the Kidrobot Yummy Breakfast collection. You buy one for $5 but you don’t know what you’re getting until you open the box and the mylar-like bag inside. Before I opened mine I said I wanted the pancakes because of my great love for pancakes and low and behold… Pancakes! I think I screamed in the parking lot.

His name is Mr. P. Pannekoeken. He’s fuzzy.

My new quest is to get one of the mystery ones… there is a burnt piece of toast with a tear coming down his cheek that is apparently very hard to come by. I covet the burnt piece of toast!

My friend Chris scored the crying, cracked egg, the to-go cup of coffee and the happy banana. He really wanted the sad banana. Too bad. Try again. Thanks for playing.

If you want to check out the collection, hit Yummy Breakfast. They also offer a beautiful Donut Collection, which might be the next frontier for me. If they make one with coconut sprinkle thingys on it.

3 thoughts on “Cute Little Thang

  1. Yummy Breakfast Keychain Update: I now have six of the keychains: strawberry, waffle, blueberry muffin, happy toast (I so want Burnt Toast!) and the elusive.. ORANGE! Yes, one of the mystery keychains. I heard that it is getting harder to find these keychains so my chances for getting Burnt Toast or one of the bananas seems slim.

  2. I got burnt toast today as a christmas present. I didnt know it was so wanted haha

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