Colonel Sanders & Judy Garland

Last night was the opening of the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. The opening film was The Visitor and the after party was at Bellanotte. That’s all well and good. I can’t say I was in a party mood. Usually what I do at parties is find the strangest people there and watch them try to interact with others.

And I didn’t have to look far last night.

First there was Colonel Sanders – he headed up the aisle of the theater wearing the full white suite – white pants, white vest, white jacket, white beard. I want to say there was a white hat involved. And then, seriously out-of-place, a long, blue, beaded necklace. We wondered if perhaps he earned his beads by doing something naughty at Mardi Gras.

It wasn’t until after the film that I noticed his companion/date/life partner. A short woman with short hair that looked as if it had been attacked by a bottle of Elmers glue. One section went up in the air, another went down. The stuff on the back of her head when straight out. Her hair took up so much of my attention that I didn’t even focus on her clothing, although it was all black and white.
She looked just like Judy Garland in the later years when she stopped wearing her fake teeth and put on some pounds.

At first I felt a bit outraged by their outfits. But then I changed my mind. They were having so much fun together! Besides, it takes a lot of gumption to wear an all-white, three-piece suit when you’re not in the Hamptons or 1920s Atlanta.

When I left the party, Colonel and Judy were outside watching the fire jugglers and fire blowers.  He had his arm around her shoulders.

True Love Forever!

harland_sanders.jpg           oldjudy.jpg