Craftstravaganza: A Look Back

Saturday’s Craftsavaganza event at the State Fairgrounds was cold. I mean wicked. The Fine Arts building has no heat. Of course, organizers couldn’t possibly have known that we’d still be in winter at the end of April but it made for brisk viewing.

There were a lot of great artists/craftspeople on display. I bought a felt flower pin. My sister said I should not buy one because I could make one but I don’t have the patience, or the sturdy wool, required. At least my flower felt like a piece of spring on my lapel.

That said, now I go up on top of my soapbox:

What’s with all the expensive onesies and tiny t-shirts everyone churns out? Is there really such a huge market for this stuff? I mean, doesn’t it fit the baby for, like, a day and then it’s done? I don’t have kids, so maybe I’m just a childless simpleton, but it seems like a waste to spend money on expensive onesies for a human who 1) can’t appreciate it and 2) will spit up all over it. Don’t you go through onesies like Kleenex when you have a baby?

I think it’s no secret that it’s for the gratification of the parents. And sure, you want your adorable baby to look cute in a hip onesie that features a wood-cut print of a tractor or tattoo-inspired drawing of a devil. But they cost A LOT. Some of them cost $25 or $30. I have to think hard before I buy myself a t-shirt for $25. I can’t help but think that this trend is fueled by all the parenting mags out there, like this horrible, guilt-inducing Cookie Magazine empire that features ideas for planning elaborate birthday parties and Summer Chic for moms.

Maybe it would be easier if there was a uniform for babies. Something like a Catholic school-inspired onesie. Then every baby would have the same, standard issue onesie and no one would have to feel like they didn’t love their infant enough because they couldn’t buy an expensive outfit for them. And no one would have to feel like they weren’t hip or arty enough.

Of course I know that would never, ever happen. But it’s a thought. This goes double for bibs – something super cute, made of fabric, that is going to get smeared with food day after day? Give me some vinyl. Or plastic sheeting.

I think maybe I’m too practical. I get it from my mom.