Breaking Free From The Little Black Dress

chadwickdress.jpgDo you ever need a dress and just can’t find one? Sick of going to every event in the same black dress? This is the story of my life.

I’ve now started buying dresses I see if they aren’t expensive just to have a little bit of a stockpile because one never knows when there might be a garden party or graduation or wedding to attend. Actually, its just wishful thinking on the garden parties. Anyway, I came across this website today for Chadwick’s.

If you need to find a dress for something this summer, you may want to look here. Everything is reasonably priced and even their “Special Occasion” dresses aren’t really expensive. And if you are someone who can get away with buying a dress on the Internet and knowing it will probably fit, this takes the pain out of shopping.

I’m pretty sure that when I was younger I categorized Chadwick’s in the same department as Sears and JCPenney for clothing. As in Deathly Uncool. I still don’t shop Sears but I’ve gotten some beloved “old lady” flats at JC that I wear all the time. Last year I got a red pair; this spring I got a black pair. What did I do before I wore flats everyday? My uniform is flats, jeans, t-shirt, necklaces, earrings. Every work day seems pretty much a variation on that. It works for me.

Chadwick’s also sells flats in a multitude of colors and styles. I’ve got my eye on this green pair. Best of all, Chadwick’s motto is “You Always Get More.” Kind of a refinement of “Get the Max for the Minimum.”