Roll Out the Red Carpet For… Crate & Barrel?

I got an invitation (along with thousands of others, I’m sure) in the mail to go to the Grand Opening of the new Crate & Barrel in Edina last Wednesday night. I RSVP’d. I don’t really know why. I’m certainly not one of their best customers and yet I had a yearning to see what the new, two-story HQ looked like.

Well, I went. I saw. I ended up with a tiny metal disk meant for holding your used tea bag and two egg rings.

What was a little confusing to me was how everyone there seemed to know each other. There were knots of well-dressed people everywhere talking about… What?

“Oh, the bamboo dish rack is divine!”

“The gigantic tub of pink sprinkles are perfect for my Easter cut-out cookies!”

“I haven’t seen you since Williams-Sonoma opened!”

I actually don’t know what people were saying. The upper level, where the furniture is housed, was so packed you couldn’t even see any of the pieces. This was OK with me. I wasn’t in the market for furniture. What was not OK was the cloud of noxious gas hovering up there from people passing gas after downing the free beer and wine. Gross.

In the end, I didn’t even win any raffle items.

However, I think anyone would greatly enjoy an egg ring in the kitchen. As the description says, you can add a “professional touch” to your homemade egg dishes. What this means is, create the perfect “egg puck” to put on your homemade Egg McMuffin. Yeah!

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  1. I’ve been kicking myself for not buying an egg ring when I had a chance!

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