Let’s Shop Vintage

No sooner did I say I’m going to go at least 50% used/recycled for clothing this year than I discovered that there’s a huge vintage sale coming up in June in St. Paul:

Vintage Clothing, Jewlery & Textile Show & Sale
June 27 & 28
Friday, 5-10 p.m., $6 ($1 off if you dress in vintage!)
Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., $4
State Fairgrounds
Free parking!

The description says, “Lots and lots of fashion and accessories from 1880-1980.” Can you say “Heaven?”

I went to this show last year but it was at River Center in St. Paul, which didn’t seem like the best venue. However, even though the show only took up one of the conference rooms, it was still A LOT of stuff to look at. There are lots of vendors with everything from 1980s dresses to swimming suits from the 1950s. The prices are OK. I wouldn’t say you’re going to find a lot of steals but I thought a lot of the jewelry was reasonable and unique.

If you have weddings to go to this summer and want to stand out, you can be sure to find a lovely cocktail dress at this sale.

I plan on dressing vintage and making a night of it on Friday. I’m seeing myself in a 1950s special occasion dress, pillbox hat and pumps. I see myself buying a lot of cool stuff (I’m starting saving now) and I will post all my finds here. Stay tuned.