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A Grand (?) Finale: Who Will Start the Bidding?

This season of Real Housewives NY culminated in Jill’s charity “function,” which we’ve been hearing about every episode.

First, let me say how shocked I was by their low ticket sales five days out from the event. They hadn’t even broken even yet. Actually, this is comforting since it’s the same way a gala event I had to plan this year went, although we had at least broken even on ticket sales prior to the event. I just figured that, with all the fab people they claim to know, they would have had many more than 170 people.

And, as often happens on committees, some members did next to nothing and some got really pissy about how things should be done. Alex, for example, hadn’t even invited anyone as of the final committee meeting. Her excuse: I was busy. Too busy to send out an e-mail or ask four or six friends to go? Yes, this happens all the time. I bet anything that she could have told them exactly what dress she was planning on wearing but somehow inviting guests had slipped her mind. Later, she made a point during her “camera talk” time to say that she and Simon had called some people and got a few to go. Yeah, right.

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Of Jibs and Owls and Dolphins

OK, this week we’ve got more trouble for Chrysler, the swine flu, Justice Souter announcing his retirement and yet I spend my time wondering why Kelly and Bethenny on Real Housewives of New York keep trying to talk things out and get along.

Look, sometimes, for whatever reason, two people just don’t like the cut of each others jibs and that’s that.  I know I’ve experienced it many times – both ways, meaning, that plenty of people don’t like my jib and I don’t care for the jibs of some others. (What is a jib? It is a type of sail on a ship and the expression may go back to pirate times, old-timey pirates, not the Pirates 2.0 we’re dealing with now. Essentially the expression means, “I don’t like your face.”)

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Forget The Beef. Where’s the Glamor?

I know I’ve said it before in various ways, but the Housewives of New York are really just teaching us one thing over and over again: that everyone’s life is mundane in its own way. It was driven home to me again on the latest episode about Halloween when everyone was in a tizzy about the parties coming up that week and then, once they were at the parties, it seemed to be about standing around together to drink and eat or to drink and complain. I can’t imagine why they were so excited. It seemed like much more work than it was worth. Where’s the glamor? The glitz? The spice? The tits?

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Um… Housewives? We Need to Talk.

width=Housewives, you’re letting me down. Well, except for Countess LuAnn. LuAnn never lets me down. But the rest of you… You’re really boring.

The last episode I watched involved the unveiling of Jill’s new decor in her condo, which is pretty/ugly and not comfy-looking at all. The dining room looks OK; the rest looks like a boutique hotel and I don’t mean that in a good way. It looks like the lobby of a W Hotel – its not exactly the place you want to curl up and watch a movie or talk on the phone while in your PJs. And the kitchen! I know New York apartments and condos are small but that kitchen is fit for a boat.

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The “Reality” of Bored, Rich Housewives

OK, so I just discovered The Real Housewives of… franchise on BRAVO. What can I say, I don’t have cable. I can hear the horrified intake of collective breath. No cable! But that’s another story.

Here’s what I, after viewing three episodes from the current New York season, take away from it. It’s a very thin line between ridiculous and boring. The truth is, there is absolutely nothing happening. It must be a feat of endurance for the editors to go through hours of footage to cobble together enough material for episodes when this is what you have to work with: tennis, horse riding, dull-as-dirt lunches, charity parties and verbal sniping of the caliber I experienced in my very Midwestern, middle-class high school. And yet, I keep watching, hoping, waiting…

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