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Forget The Beef. Where’s the Glamor?

I know I’ve said it before in various ways, but the Housewives of New York are really just teaching us one thing over and over again: that everyone’s life is mundane in its own way. It was driven home to me again on the latest episode about Halloween when everyone was in a tizzy about the parties coming up that week and then, once they were at the parties, it seemed to be about standing around together to drink and eat or to drink and complain. I can’t imagine why they were so excited. It seemed like much more work than it was worth. Where’s the glamor? The glitz? The spice? The tits?

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I’m Not Upset, I’m Eating My Salad!

You guys will never believe what happened on the next episode of Real Housewives of New York. Another lunch! Salads were consumed! Women were miffed!

Here is my version of the luncheon conversation between Countess LuAnn and Bethenny:

LuAnn approaches table in usual headscarf and big sunglasses.

LuAnn: Thanks for inviting me to lunch!

Bethenny: Don’t be too excited. I’m really pissed at you.

LuAnn: At moi? Porquoi? (translation: At me? Why?)

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