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Annoying Tweet Of the Day – August 2

Foursquare Needs Women (good luck!)… 4x as many men on it now (The Social Graf)”

Good luck, indeed, because Foursquare is lame. Perhaps many women recognize this. They also recognize that broadcasting their whereabouts to desperate Foursquare men is not such a good idea. Duh.

“I’m mayor of the dark alley behind my apartment building. Just taking out the trash all by myself… at midnight.”

“I’m mayor of Meat Market Bar tonight. Because I’m too drunk and helpless to leave on my own!”

“I’m on this lonely, wooded trail that winds through this park where no one seems to hang out. Getting my jog on with headphones!”

Annoying Tweet Of The Day, April 27

“I’m back from AZ and glad to be back at work! “Vacation” was busy busy busy!”

Translation: “Wow, I am just so important! I bet all my co-workers are sighing with relief that I’m back from vacation because I LOVE WORK and I GET THINGS DONE. The place practically fell apart without me, not to mention my heartbreaking absence from Twitter while I was busy, busy, busy in AZ.”

What reached out to me about this tweet was the use of quotation marks around the word vacation. I assume that we, the people who happen to see this person’s tweets, are to feel sorry that it wasn’t truly a vacation? Or to think her a hero for not taking it easy on vacation?

People who don’t take it easy on vacation are low on my sympathy list. Calm down and read a magazine already!

I Am the Strength Inside My Strength Heart. I STAND TALL!

Annoying Ways In Which Annoying People Use Twitter

1. People who are on Twitter to promote things, probably for pay, who think they are being clever in the way they do it:

“Just flattened my hair with the new Blacksmith Iron by Hair Thing Maker and it’s fabulous. My hair hasn’t looked this good since my senior picture.”

“Made a sandwich and didn’t know what to put it in and then saw my new box of ZIPLOC  Super Zip sandwich bags!”

“I love the indie band SOFT PALETTE and their new album KNOCK YOUR TEETH OUT. Got it at WalMart for $8.99.”

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