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Annoying Tweet Of The Day, April 27

“I’m back from AZ and glad to be back at work! “Vacation” was busy busy busy!”

Translation: “Wow, I am just so important! I bet all my co-workers are sighing with relief that I’m back from vacation because I LOVE WORK and I GET THINGS DONE. The place practically fell apart without me, not to mention my heartbreaking absence from Twitter while I was busy, busy, busy in AZ.”

What reached out to me about this tweet was the use of quotation marks around the word vacation. I assume that we, the people who happen to see this person’s tweets, are to feel sorry that it wasn’t truly a vacation? Or to think her a hero for not taking it easy on vacation?

People who don’t take it easy on vacation are low on my sympathy list. Calm down and read a magazine already!

Annoying Tweet Of the Day, April 22

“Today is Earth Day and it’s not even trending on Twitter? I hope your children enjoy… not being born.”

I feel confident when I say that, so far at least, my unborn children have been having a grand time. In fact, just last night they said, “You know, if you  never get around to having us, that’s OK. We don’t want to have to deal with global warming.”