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The Wednesday Outlook, May 6th

It’s official. I can’t stand the word “eponymous.” If I hear it used one more time in reference to an album, particularly on hipster radio, I’m going to implode. Yeah, we get it, but can’t you just say “self-titled?” My favorite example is on Wikipedia: Bad Company‘s first album Bad Company released in 1974 is another example that also contained a track that was a Rock Radio favorite of the same name, “Bad Company“. “Rock Radio” is capitalized on Wiki; I didn’t do it. Did “Rock Radio” become a proper noun? I guess R.E.M. still has the final word on this very pretentious word with their album Eponymous from 1988.

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Ripitude Adjustment

The third workout, Resistance, went by like a dream.

Then I was struck with a bit of a cold. Just enough to make even contemplating another round of cardio (next up on the rotation) painful.

But today it was time to bell up or shut up. I insisted on repeating Cardio Workout Week 1 again because I felt that I hadn’t “mastered” it. The truth is that I’m scared of what Week 2 will entail. At least this way I knew what was coming even if I didn’t like it.

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I admit to being scared last night before the Great Core Workout of 09. First there was the fact that I am still having trouble sitting and walking after the cardio workout. Next there is the Mystery Foot Problem. Some mysterious hurt has been angering my left foot for over a week. But you don’t want to read about that.

You want to read about CORE!

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Ripitude Devolves Into Suckitude

Workout Number One.

What a joke.

Before our first workout, Cardio Week 1 (the Six Week Transformation takes you through 3 DVDs that you rotate continually: Cardio, Core, Resistance), on Saturday, we were all laughs and smiles. “Ripitude!” “Let’s do this!” Halfway through I felt as if I was in the middle of a nightmare about a boot camp. Before the workout, I was worried that we wouldn’t get enough out of just one session per workout. Perhaps we’d want to do two sessions per day. After all, a session is only 20 minutes.

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From Here On Out, It’s All About Ripitude

Last Saturday morning I woke up and plopped myself on the couch to watch KARE-11’s Saturday morning “news” show. I tune in so I can complain loudly about the parade of paid-advertisements they have on in the guise of “guests.” Horribly drawn books for children. People shilling products that are really their at-home craft projects. And then there’s the constant stream of local restaurants and grocery stores telling us what to make for every occasion. Never before in my life have I ever ordered anything from TV or, to my knowledge, something featured on a TV show. The only regret I have is not ordering Freedom Rock back in the day. Continue reading From Here On Out, It’s All About Ripitude