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Check My Profile: Social Media Madness

Now that we’ve all been in the social media game for awhile, it’s becoming evident that there are some “Dont’s” involved. Lately, some Facebook and Twitter profile photos have been standing out as some serious Dont’s for me so I decided to catalog them:

1. The Shadow Face

face in shadow

Perfectly fine if your name is Shadow Face and you are an enemy of Batman’s. Otherwise, no.

2. Look Into My Eyes

eyes close up

Seems like you have something to hide. Either you gained a lot of weight since high school or you were disfigured in a helicopter crash.

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The Wednesday Outlook, May 6th

It’s official. I can’t stand the word “eponymous.” If I hear it used one more time in reference to an album, particularly on hipster radio, I’m going to implode. Yeah, we get it, but can’t you just say “self-titled?” My favorite example is on Wikipedia: Bad Company‘s first album Bad Company released in 1974 is another example that also contained a track that was a Rock Radio favorite of the same name, “Bad Company“. “Rock Radio” is capitalized on Wiki; I didn’t do it. Did “Rock Radio” become a proper noun? I guess R.E.M. still has the final word on this very pretentious word with their album Eponymous from 1988.

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