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Murakami Used to Pour Drinks: A T-Shirt Tribute

Before Haruki Murakami was a novelist (I would argue one of the greatest novelists of our time) he owned a jazz club in Tokyo called “Peter-Cat” or “Peter-Cat Jazz“. It was named after his cat. Although the club is no longer there, Keith and I thought it would be fun to make a t-shirt for it. Here is our design:

Peter Cat Jazz t-shirt design


Working on getting some shirts printed up.

Cricket Accoutrements

Are you looking for a new hobby? Maybe you want to get into Chinese cricket culture! In addition to crickets, you’ll need to invest in some gear.

This collection is for crickets kept as pets for their “singing” talent. There is also the dark side of the cricket world – fighting crickets. I guess watching two crickets fight could be interesting… the first two times. Beyond that, well, you’re a strange person. I guess your crickets would need some Vaseline, tiny boxing gloves, some minuscule butterfly bandages…

Crickets!! A proud, 2,000 year history of entertaining.

Cricket Culture Blog

Oh Yes, It’s Cougars Night!

One of my favorite recent bar ads from City Pages was from a bar named Cowboyz in Rockford, MN that advertised a Cougar Night. So now Cougar ladies get their own nights? Weirdly, it was from 6-8 p.m.

I would like to be walking through my neighborhood and see a posting for a Cougar Night on a telephone pole, the kind of spot usually reserved for garage sale signs and lost dog/cat notices.

Here is what it would look like (my Cougar Night charges cover for the ladies and not for the dudes!):

cougar night corky's blog