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Oh Yes, It’s Cougars Night!

One of my favorite recent bar ads from City Pages was from a bar named Cowboyz in Rockford, MN that advertised a Cougar Night. So now Cougar ladies get their own nights? Weirdly, it was from 6-8 p.m.

I would like to be walking through my neighborhood and see a posting for a Cougar Night on a telephone pole, the kind of spot usually reserved for garage sale signs and lost dog/cat notices.

Here is what it would look like (my Cougar Night charges cover for the ladies and not for the dudes!):

cougar night corky's blog

So Many Q’s, Few A’s

The back cover of City Pages is filled with disconcerting questions… I guess this is the latest technique used to get people to read your classified ad. Ask a probing question!

Are YOU looking for Meaningful Work? (is “Meaningful Work” capitalized because it’s an official category of work or a profession or what?)

Drinking Problem?

Need Cash?

Have a 10-17 yr old child?

Do you fear and avoid social situations?

No Where to go? Know Where to Go!

Need a Lawyer?

Are you a SNUFF user who is interested in volunteering in a research study? (I assume we’re talking the tobacco product here and not the porn product)