Annoying Tweet Of The Day – Nov. 3

“Every time our company blog passes another metric milestone, I celebrate a little. Content wins the game, and some companies never make it.”

I’m a company man, oh yes
A company man, oh yes
If they had a store I’d shop it
If they had a blog I’d read it

I’m a company man, oh yes
A company man, oh yes
If they had a song I’d sing it
If they had a cocktail I’d drink it

You get the general idea. I’ll tell you something shocking about the person who posted this. This person is not part of Gen X. I know, can you believe it?

Man, where have all the hardcore Gen X’ers gone? I sometimes miss that pithy, snarky, hell-no-we-won’t-go attitude. It’s hard to keep that going all by yourself. My point, dear readers, is that someone from my generation would never (well, never might be a bit much) post something like this on Twitter. Sure, we can play the corporate game but our spirits aren’t going to soar when the company blog reaches a new milestone. Unless we own the damn business.

I’m imagining this person celebrating. Hmmm… how would they celebrate? Maybe two sticks of gum today? Maybe a third cup of coffee? Maybe a Salted Nut Roll from the lobby vending machine?

Which brings me around to my own blog + content. I had a very good October in terms of visitors! Thanks to everyone who comes here and reads my posts, which are sometimes fairly funny but sometimes kinda crappy. Hit-Or-Miss, that’s me. That should go on my tombstone. Except I’m GenX – I’m getting cremated. Unless they legalize Viking funerals (cremation in a ship… No, not like The Love Boat. Like a wooden Viking ship). But, come to think of it, are there any laws specifically outlawing Viking funerals?

If it’s good enough for a hamster, it’s good enough for me (yeah, this is a hamster getting the ultimate send-off):