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Hot Tub People


Woman reading in hot tub built for one.

“I can’t believe Mom used to use this for the geraniums.”


“Tomorrow I go over the Falls and prove everyone wrong.”

Lame Party

Lame party where one woman is in hot tub by herself while others stand around.

Lady In Hot Tub: Guys, the invitation said, ‘Bring your suit for hot tubbing!’

Man In Rainbow Shirt: No, it said ‘Wear your high-waisted jeans!’

Staff Meeting

Man sitting in hot tub conducting staff meeting.

“So, please have the report on the edge of the hot tub by tomorrow morning. Here’s what I’ve been working on – I think the deck needs some more foliage. Not around it but on it. So I’m doing a Power Point for that. And then I have some phone calls to make. Are you sure you don’t want to strip down and hop in here? No? Well, next week we should at least have coffee and bagels. Otherwise it doesn’t feel like a real staff meeting.”

Safety Sauna

man sitting in sauna talking to woman in hot tub

“Dr. Phillips said that whenever I don’t feel safe, I should put my robe on and go sit by myself for awhile. So that’s what I’m doing.”

“Don’t be silly, David, it’s just me. Come out of the sauna.”

“No. You’re the devil.”


Women in knitwear stare at each other over spa bath.

“Monica, you think you’re better than me, but once we’re both in our floor-length knitwear, we’re equals.”

“How long are you going to stand there, blabbing? I’d like to take my bath.”

“Well… OK… I was hoping to see your boobs but…”

“Trust me, they’re better than yours.”

“OK. I’m just going to go into the sauna and turn it up to 1500 degrees.”


Two women in a hot tub playing Dominoes.

“Oh, Helen, this is as wonderful as you said it would be. Except you know I can’t play Dominoes ever since I lost my arms in that whirlpool accident.”