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There Are No More Needs

Yes, it is worth destroying the rainforest and using tons and tons of energy to produce these items. Clearly, all are must-haves.

Pajamas for dogs, wavy cat scratcher and a giant tennis shoe for cats to sit in.

Printed in someone’s basement:

Whoa! Slow Down For a Moment with God and Paws for a moment with God books.

For the confused person(s) in your life:

A connection for your cell phone to make it like an old-timey phone and gigantic playing cards.

If this doesn’t convince you the world is over, I don’t know what will:

Papers to place under your fat rolls and a toilet paper dispenser that plays Christmast carols.

The oceans? Fuck the oceans. I don’t want no more “Raccoon” eyes.

A foam thing so you don't get mascara on your face and a "hair umbrella" to catch hair clippings.

P.S. The Hair Umbrella is my favorite.