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Charlene Tilton Week: Day 3

Grainy, black and white… porny?

charlene tilton bikini

“Oh, I forgot to tie my bikini top. And now my hands have gone limp. See how I can’t even lift them? They are just hanging here, all useless!”

Charlene Fun Fact O’ The Day: Charlene appeared in Battle of The Network Stars in 1980. If you’re not familiar with the Battle, the three major networks would pit their stars against each other in “sport” events like paddling a raft in a pool, running or playing football while keeping an ongoing tally of points. It was co-hosted, in 1980s, by Howard Cosell and Joyce DeWitt (Three’s Company). Other stars who joined in the action included: Scott Baio (ABC, Happy Days), Sherman Hemsley (CBS, The Jeffersons) and Sarah Purcell (NBC, Real People).