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Charlene Tilton Week: Day 6

Just when you think that maybe you’re getting tired of Charlene, something like this comes up:

charlene made in usa

Charlene Fun Fact O’ The Day: Charlene was married to country singer Johnny Lee from 1982 to 1984. I thought I’d never heard of Johnny Lee, so I went out on a search. And it turns out I sure as shit do know who Johnny Lee is! This song used to play on the radio when my dad drove my sister and me to Wednesday night CCD class in his pick-up. For those of you who aren’t Catholic, that’s a class where public school kids are indoctrinated into the Catholic faith, in the evenings, after being at school all day. You can imagine how excited we were to go!

Anyway, watch this and see if you, too, remember Johnny Lee:

Johnny had love with Charlene for two years and they had a daughter, but then he was adrift again, looking for love in all the wrong places.

Charlene Tilton Week: Day 5

At Studio 54, perhaps? Can we bring back these combs with the shiz hanging from them for Spring 2011?

charlene_tilton disco dress

Charlene Fact O’ The Day: In the 1990s, Charlene was a spokesperson for the Abdominizer, a piece of workout equipment. “Rock, Rock, Rock your way to flat abs.” This commercial does not feature Charlene, but it’s still worth a look.

But she is in this commercial, which is unremarkable in and of itself, except that someone actually videotaped their TV in order to capture it. And also amazing – black nylons and black Reeboks for her workout attire.

Charlene Tilton Week: Day 4

After yesterday’s debauched photo, back to All American Girl:

charlene tilton cowgirl

Charlene Fact O’ The Day: In 1979, Charlene appeared in the TV movie Diary of a Teenage Hitchhiker. The official summary of the movie is, “The girl by the side of the road. You’ve seen her standing there. Thumb out. Smiling. There are thousands like her all over America. And you’ve heard about what happens to some of them when they get in the wrong car. This movie is about one of these kids. And about her family. But it could be about your family. Where is your daughter tonight?“  This movie also starred Dominique Dunne, daughter of Dominic Dunne and later teen star of Poltergeist, and Dick Van Patten, star of TV’s Eight Is Enough. And Craig T. Nelson, a.k.a Coach.

Charlene Tilton Week: Day 3

Grainy, black and white… porny?

charlene tilton bikini

“Oh, I forgot to tie my bikini top. And now my hands have gone limp. See how I can’t even lift them? They are just hanging here, all useless!”

Charlene Fun Fact O’ The Day: Charlene appeared in Battle of The Network Stars in 1980. If you’re not familiar with the Battle, the three major networks would pit their stars against each other in “sport” events like paddling a raft in a pool, running or playing football while keeping an ongoing tally of points. It was co-hosted, in 1980s, by Howard Cosell and Joyce DeWitt (Three’s Company). Other stars who joined in the action included: Scott Baio (ABC, Happy Days), Sherman Hemsley (CBS, The Jeffersons) and Sarah Purcell (NBC, Real People).