Episode 3: Get More Stuff Here

Stuff from the stuff episode:

There is so much being written about the Queen of Tidiness, Marie Kondo, right now. You can also see her in action at the 92nd Street Y (or just get the highlights from New York Magazine). And you can read accounts from people who have Kondo’s much more thoroughly than I have.

Want to fold using the Kondo method? There are tutorials for that:


Me, I’m still balling up my socks.

If you enjoy the music featured in the episodes, you can listen to full versions of the songs, or download them, on derailleurtheband.com or theawesomeboys.com.

A trip to an Arc Value Village thrift never disappoints.

The weirdest thing I found on my recent trip was this guy, encased in a bell jar. His name was Izzy Guilty and he was a Christmas gift that someone seems to have kept, out of guilt or maybe just forgetfulness, since 1984. I imagine that the day came for retirement, the office was cleaned, and this was promptly dropped off at Arc.


I also didn’t purchase:

Boy George Coffee Table BookOr

Charlton Heston and The Bible

But this little guy  (he’s a candle!) did get to come home with me, for sure.

Orange dog with big eyes


2 thoughts on “Episode 3: Get More Stuff Here

  1. 1 – Keith, you know we still have my ’98 SL1, right? 220,000+ miles. That SL-series is legendary in auto mechanic worlds.
    2 – I do fill out warranties – nowadays usually online though. And I do cash in on them when things break or stop working. I’m also a frequent flyer with the Better Business Bureau online complaint form. I can’t imagine how BBB has survived in an era of online reviews but dang if they don’t get results!

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