99 Projects: Horse Fun

Project #8: Embroidered Horse T-Shirt.

T-shirt embroidered with a running horse.

I finished this shirt awhile ago and have been enjoying wearing it. It’s a celebration of my horse phase. Like a third grade girl, I’ve become quite enamored of this animal.

I drew the horse, made it into an iron transfer and got the pattern onto the t-shirt, which I bought at GAP. Very soft.

More views:

Close-up of horse embroidery on t-shirt.

GAP t-shirt embroidered with horse.

Once I started looking around my house, I found a lot of of horse items.

A tote bag that I thrifted:

A tote bag with a horse on it.

A throw pillow:

A throw pillow with a black silhouette of a horse on it.

And this tray, also thrifted, that pays tribute to Kentucky and its race horses:

Vintage tray with horse in the middle.

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