I’m A Drummer! Reliving Hysteria Part II

logo_def_leppardIn today’s episode, the drama is already ramping up with the usual “Rise of the Supergroup” problems.

First, I’d like to mention something. I really do love Def Leppard. I mean that un-ironically. I know since I’m a member of Generation X, that might be hard to believe but I listened to them a lot in high school and I used to try to draw the Hysteria cover art. I guess that makes me kind of like Joe Elliot, drawing his Def Leppard logo and artwork before he was even in the band, huh?

But this movie is absolute shit.

Or shite if you’re British.

So onward with Episode 2: Getcha Rocks Off


1. Actually using the term “sex on a stick” in conversation.

2. The tension in the scene when the drummer quits. In or out? In on the soon-to-be greatest metal band of the early 1980s or out and working at the spoon factory for the rest of your life? And dating Ms. Sex On A Stick. The situation definitely has shades of Pete Best getting kicked out of The Beatles to it. As if the audience is screaming at the screen, “No! No, you stupid fuck! Don’t pick the girl! Pick Def Leppard! Oh, man, is he going to be sorry!” As it turns out, he (Tony Kenning) would go on to form the band Cairo. Yeah, that’s right, Cairo! I love Cairo, don’t you? I just got their greatest hits from iTunes.

3. Who was the wig maker for this movie? What did they make the wigs from? I’m imagining an old woman going through the forest and picking up nests made of stiff grasses, fibers and bark and crafting them into wigs for these guys to wear. Seriously? My Barbie Fashion Head had more pliable looking hair even after I brushed it and washed it a bunch of times.

4. Joe Elliot’s parents! What sweet people! They loved the show – even “Getcha Rocks Off.” They all go home together and mum puts on some tea. Cool mum. “My baby, I liked that one song… the one about getting your rocks off? You always have really liked to get your rocks off, even when you were 13.”

5. More foreshadowing! Drinking before the show… admonishments to “be a man,” and drink. Spilling a drink all over Joe Elliot’s mum! The alcohol flows just a bit too freely, my friends!

Next up: Episode 3: Check Your Hair, Gorgeous