Annoying Tweet Of The Day – June 28

“Cellphone coverage got pretty ridiculous at the cabin. My wife’s T-Mobile phone had AT&T roaming. My iPhone had ‘No Service'”

Can you imagine? OMFG! We were at the cabin, relaxing, getting away from it all… Do you have a cabin? Oh, you don’t? You had to, like, stay in the city this weekend? Oh.

Well, anyway, there we were, relaxing, taking a break from swimming, reading novels, identifying mushrooms, etc., when I realized that OUR CELL PHONE COVERAGE WAS CRAP! Completely ridiculous! What if someone was trying to call? What if we had an emergency? I couldn’t even tweet about having fun at the cabin.

I mean, roaming? That’s so 2007. And iPhones… for what I pay for service? It should be a cell phone to God!

Then I was completely unrelaxed, checking my phone every 5 minutes to see if service had been restored. It. Had. Not.