The Year of The Ziggy

Joy To The World... Without Pants!
Joy To The World... Without Pants!

Mark my words: 2010 is going to see the revival of Ziggy. Hipsters everywhere are going to begin donning Ziggy t-shirts, mailing each other Ziggy cards, drinking lattes from Ziggy mugs. It’s enough to make me want to run out and start raiding the thrift stores right now!

Ziggy used to make me angry. Kind of in the same way Family Circus makes me angry. What the hell? What is that? That’s not funny. That’s downright insulting! I would rather read Garfield.

But now I think Ziggy is zen. He’s not funny. He just is. Or maybe it’s that if you are able to see the humor in Ziggy, you’re a very chilled out person. We can’t even be sure he’s a man or a woman. But if you accept a little Ziggy into your life, you’ll find that your tolerance for others goes up. And maybe your tolerance for pants goes down. Ziggy is the Every Human For 2010.

I have made a donation in Ziggy’s name to The Human Fund.

ziggy cartoon
Oh, so very Ziggy!