Climbing Up on The Sandal Soapbox

sportsandal-1.jpgI’m not going to name any names here but I must put this out there: Men, pay attention to what you wear on your feet! Especially in summer.

Men and sandals… the age-old problem. Some wear socks with their sandals. Some wear leather sandals with so many straps and buckles, you can’t tell what’s going on down there. And then… there is the “sport sandal.” The sport sandal has its place. Like, outside when sporting. I think the same rules apply to sport sandals for men as to flip flops for women. Outside, going to the store, in the backyard, at the beach, cleaning the car… etc.

But not to work. Especially when the sandals in question are a sport sandal/Aqua Sock hybrid. Remember Aqua Socks? Are we over those now? I had a next-door-neighbor once who wore Aqua Socks as shoes. He had them in a variety of colors so he could change it up depending upon his outfit. Yeah.

If your shoes are partly constructed of Neoprene and it looks as if you could go right from work to scuba diving, you need to rethink things.

If a man has nice feet, he should buy some tasteful sandals that don’t have too much bulk but aren’t flip flops that can be worn to work (assuming he works in an environment where sandals are even an option). Something in leather or “pleather” would be nice. Sandals with trousers and a t-shirt are an awesome look for a man.nylon-straps-footwear.jpg

And while I’m railing about men and sandals I may as well address the question of men and shorts. If you are a professional, don’t wear shorts to work. Just don’t. I know, it’s not fair. Women can wear skirts and dresses and stay cool that way. Well, we also have to deal with menstruation in August, so it all evens out. How can I take you seriously when you’re wearing cargo shorts? Invest in some summer pants! Not doing so just says you are cheap. And whether we all like it or not, clothes make a huge statement in the workplace.

I’m not against jeans. I wear jeans to work. Not so much in summer but definitely in the Minnesota winters. Jeans can be fine and stylish and some things just look best with denim. Shorts are another story altogether. Shorts are something to wear to the company picnic. Shorts are something you wear on the day you have to help clean out the office storage unit.

Shorts are not something you wear to a meeting.

I realize that I sound like Ms. Manners here, but someone has to put this out there and take a stand and it may as well be me.

2 thoughts on “Climbing Up on The Sandal Soapbox

  1. I wasn’t going to comment – but the sport sandal/aqua socks are so vile that it makes me anxious inside. I love shoes and to have a piece of footwear make me this outraged is not right. The worst is when they are paired with male jean shorts that mirror mom-jeans. I know that I probably offended the majority of middle-america, but it had to be said.

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