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The Wednesday Outlook: February 29, 2012

If you’re a dog in Minnesota today, this is how you should dress before going out:

A beagle wearing a coat and snow booties.

You may have already heard this, or perhaps noticed it yourself by looking at a calendar, but today is Leap Day.

Tonight I may put together a note detailing where I am today and where I hope to be 4 years from now. I would seal this up in an envelope with a $20 bill and then hide it away until the next Leap Day, in 2016.

Why would I do this? I tend to get a big charge out of reading my goals from a distance. They make me more sympathetic to my former self and all I was trying to do. I feel tenderness towards this woman from the past, almost as if it’s not me. Also, it would be interesting and telling to see how much of it comes to pass, how much falls by the wayside and how much I actually care about any of it.

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