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Episode 1: R.C. Phone Home

Sometimes cats are a drag.Welcome to Not Shallow, the podcast!
In this first episode, I discuss the @Work section in Marie Claire, Keith Pille and I commiserate over the mental and physical state of our 17-year-old cat, Jones, and Sarah Collins and I unpack some French baggage in lieu of any serious consideration of the book The Little Prince. Please enjoy these visual aids that may (or may not) increase your enjoyment of the topics discussed.

Meet Jones

This is Jones:

This is Jones the cat!

This is also Jones:

Jones the cat on Santa's lap

Brief Jones Update: We forgot to mention that for the first time in our lives we had to purchase a baby gate, although we have no children, to prevent Jones from going out onto our (enclosed) back porch, which has become his preferred litter box (without litter or a box).

Photographic Evidence

I wanted to share with you the 6th grade awkwardness I referred to in the show.

(deep breath)

This is me in 6th grade looking oh-so-awkward.

That’s me in the bright red t-shirt. I used to stand like that a lot, holding my other arm, like it would protect me or make me smaller. The woman with the odd look on her face, far left, is my mom. I’d go so far as to say that’s a smirk on her face, even though she’s not that kind of person. She doesn’t go around smirking… She and I are about the same height and I’m 12. “Forenza” is my sister. I suppose she’s just as awkward, in her way, but to me this photo of her is endearing. On the right in my French exchange student… innocent in all of this.

Standing by bus before departure to Paris

I’ve included this photo, even though it’s not the best quality, to showcase, once again, my size. That’s me, far left, looking into the camera as I stand and hold the flag. I mean, never let it be said that I coasted on my good looks. Zuzu has her back to me, per usual. Girl directly in front of me was one of my best friends on the trip – I’m about a foot taller? The only kids taller are those standing on the steps of the bus. I believe we are getting ready to depart on our trip to France.

But first we did this (performed our talentless talent show for our parents):

Girls passing hats in "New York, New York"

Start spreading the news…


If I can make it there, I’m gonna make it anywhere…


NEW YORK! (big finish featuring grumpy Statue of Liberty – this made me incredibly sad and upset but I guess I just sucked it up… how very adult of me.)

Since recording this episode, I was made aware of the upcoming Little Prince movie that is being released this year. I have to admit, the trailer doesn’t look too bad, thanks mostly the addition of a rad little girl into the plot. Still, I guess I’m just not someone who needs to be reminded, ad nauseam, that “what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Like, duh.

What can I say? I’m also the gal who never even made it through the first Harry Potter book.

what-about-do-smallP.S. We also have a dog named Freja, who is now eagerly awaiting her turn for podcast scrutiny. Equal rights for dogs!

Thanks for listening and for reading!