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Why Don’t You?

Darling, I know it’s cold outside and this winter is for the crows. The crows who sit in the trees and “CAW, CAW, CAW!” while you wait for the bus on a bitter morning. But one must remember that weather should not do away with style.

Why don’t you wrap your head in a furry hood, so that all that peaks out is your face, flush from your latest spray-on tan?

Fur hood vogue

The bigger the hood, the better! The more wrapping, the better.

In fact, why don’t you wrap up your entire body, like a chic mummy, in your bed comforter to let people know what you think of this long, nasty winter? Be sure to take the belts off old bathrobes and strap them around your body in a criss-cross, strait-jacket fashion. Note:  Make sure to bring along a friend who can help you navigate the bus steps.


I’m cold as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore! Has anyone seen the #113?