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Monday, Monday, Can’t Trust That Day

Woman sitting in a chair with her head in her hands, lamenting Monday.

Oh, Monday, she’s such a bitch. She comes around and ruins everything once a week.

I hate her.

But, well… without her there would be no real beginning to the week. I do like a little bit of structure.

And it’s good to have a nemesis. It gives you something to rise up against. To push back on. To say, “You’ll never destroy me!” to.

How to get through a Monday? Sit down and collect your thoughts. Then proceed very slowly. Pace yourself – there is an entire week sprawling out before you. No need to be hasty or get too much done at one time. Check e-mail. Check your favorite websites. Do little tasks – pay a bill, dust off a shelf, return that pair of shoes you don’t really like.

Oh, look, it’s lunchtime.

In the afternoon, do one thing that you’ve been avoiding in your life or in your work. One task that you put off for all of the previous week, even on Friday when you actually had time but didn’t do it because it was Friday, practically the weekend, and why should you do something icky when it’s practically the weekend?

Then you’re done for the day. Coast on through. Go home. Don’t watch too much TV, or any at all.

Without you even realizing it, (because if you’re lucky you are fast asleep), the best part of Monday will arrive: 11:59 pm.

Hello, Tuesday.