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12 Days Of Halloween: Spirit Cleansing To Go

burning sage2As I flipped through City Pages yesterday I saw an ad for a shop called Eye Of Horus in Minneapolis. They were advertising, “Over 300 kinds of incense and sage,” which is cool. I mean, the incense part. There are times when one needs to get chill and burn some ‘cense!

But this whole sage thing has always puzzled me. I know some people who burned sage in every room of their house before they moved in. OK, whatever makes you feel good. I wish the people who had owned our house before us had cleaned out the garage before they left. Other people want to get rid of pesky spirits hanging around before they decide where to put the rug.

But the ad then showcases this: “a blend of sweetgrass, sage and cedar, now in a SMOKELESS SPRAY for a quick, easy energy-cleansing almost anywhere!”

You know, for all those times when burning a bundle of sage just isn’t practical.

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The 12 Days Of Halloween: Does This Scare You?

It should.

Sometimes the most freaky, scary and disturbing stuff are the things that go on around us everyday. Like the stuff they put out there to “entertain” us. Exhibit A: 9-year-old Willow Smith (yeah, of that Smith family) and her new “song.”

I think the lyrics, other than the oft-repeated “I Whip My Hair Back And Forth,” are lines like, “Don’t tell me nothin’ cuz I don’t care. Just wanna have fun so let’s keep the party going.” Which party would that be? The apple juice party? The “Stick Jewels On Your Lips” party? The “I Just Peed In My Sleeping Bag” party?

If you can watch this entire video, congrats, you have been sufficiently numbed to pop culture. It really freaks me out, more than ghosts, witches and goblins. OK, except for one witch – Christine O’Donnell did not know that the U.S. Constitution separates church and state.