Annoying Tweet Of The Day – Dec. 1

“I was basically absent from Twitter for 2 days and my world is all wonky.”

Wow, I know the feeling. Two days away from stuff like, “Win FOUR TIX to Disney on Ice’s Magical Journey,” and “You are what you love and not what loves you back,” and “Imagine Having A Blog That’s Ranked In The Top 2% & Attracts $10K/Month+ For Your Business While You Sleep,” makes me feel all weird inside too. Like, I don’t know… free or something.

I do need clarification on something though. You say you were “basically absent.” What does this mean, basically? You were absent? You were kind of absent but not completely absent? You may have peeked at it once or twice? A kidnapper tied your hands behind your back, preventing you from tweeting, but allowing you to read tweets?

Does it hurt that no one noticed your basic absence?