Annoying Tweet Of The Day – Sept. 27

“Was called a ‘do gooder’ today as if it’s an insult. I’ll take that label over ‘do nothing’ or ‘do nothing but complain about everything.'”

I like to be called a Do-Nothing-Who-Makes-Pithy-Comments-About-Do-Gooders.

Do gooder IS a bit of an insult. It means please stop being such a Pollyanna and let us live our lives the way we wanna live them. As Bobby Brown would say, “I made this money, you didn’t. It’s my prerogative.”

Speaking of do-gooders… you may remember this little rant from a week or two ago.  Well, today I discovered who that “turn the light off and save some pennies” do-gooder is. A sad-looking older woman who frequents the bathroom and always wears a black cardigan. She is very frail. She sighs a lot. She works for some architectural/engineering firm down the hall. I should have known all along! She looks as if she spends her free time washing homeless people’s feet. By that I mean, of course! Of course she’s the one who is turning off the light. And I can’t really yell at Mother Theresa. So I must abide.