The Wedding

Here’s a t-shirt you’ll find in thrift stores around Rhinebeck, New York in the coming years:

chelsea clinton t-shirt

I’m pro-Chelsea Clinton. So I was saddened upon learning that among the biggest “celebs” at her wedding were Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen. Really? Ted Danson? From The Huffington Post, “Reporters, who had been searching for celebrities in vain for most of the day, quickly zeroed in on the couple, prompting Danson to ask, ‘Are we the only celebrities in town?'”

Well, no. I mean, Vera Wang was there. Also Steve Bing, who’s not a celeb but more of a rich guy who knocked up Elizabeth Hurley and then denied paternity until it was proven with a test… never mind that the kid looked exactly like him.

I guess the cool thing about Chelsea is that she probably didn’t really give a damn about celebs at her wedding.