Annoying FB Update of the Day – August 12

Amidst sale craziness… the garage is stuffed to the top with stuff for the sale! – I happened upon this from one of my FB “friends.” Quotation marks signal that we are not friends at all and that I met this person exactly once.

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! They had stopped selling Kombucha until the FDA approves it! Just got home from Whole Foods with this sad, sad news. My entire weekend is ruined! :(“

I don’t know that I need to elaborate on the ins and the outs of why this person and I will never be best buds. However, I’d just like to say, “Damn you, FDA! I hate you for trying to keep idiots from hurting themselves.” Also, also – her entire weekend? Ruined because no Kombucha? Is it like crack, or what? If I saw a post that said, “Entire weekend ruined because my dealer was shot,” I would not necessarily approve of the sentiment but I’d understand the motive.

This is like saying, “My entire weekend ruined because no raw almonds at co-op. Sad sad sad!”

One thought on “Annoying FB Update of the Day – August 12

  1. If I understand it right, Kombucha’s a weird type of fermented tea with a really low alcohol content. Maybe this person was counting on it to get a really discreet buzz on.

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