I’m A Drummer! Reliving Hysteria Part VI

logo_def_leppardIt’s a time for the guys to have some life-altering revelations. Sometimes you lose a limb. Sometimes having looks, girls and money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Neither does a ratty wig. Sometimes you’re in a pretty famous rock band, make a lot of money and have a lot of hits and someone decides to make a limp biopic that boils it all down to some formulaic scenes. That’s how it goes. Ask Ritchie Valens. Well, OK, can’t do that… Ask Jim Morrison… Oh… Ask The Beatles… Oh. Well, ask Ringo.

Part VI: Don’t Want No Giggly Airhead


1. It’s a shame that Steve Clark is such a self-aware alcoholic and yet can’t stop the train wreck from happening. It takes years of group therapy for some people to come to the revelation that they drink because they are “plagued by not being good enough for me dad.”

2. They stole footage from my college days for the scene outside the bar! That was me, with the long blond hair, lying on the sidewalk. Oh, one too many Shark Bowls! One too many shots on Ladies Night!

3. Finally, the appearance of Amber Valleta as the supermodel who breaks the model mold! “I’m not a heavy metal fan.” “I’m paying for my own dinner!” “Let’s talk about either Plato or your personal demons, not the weather.” “Surprise! I don’t have a favorite color.” I’m thinking that perhaps she’s the love of his life but even she can’t save him from his demons.

4. Lack of any tension. Every scene in the hospital is shot in the same manner, camera in the exact same spot (foot of Rick’s bed). Every conversation is the same. Here come the guys to talk Rick. Here come the doctors and the parents to tell him he’s going to lose his arm. Ho hum. This is the most dramatic story line the movie has and it’s completely bloodless. It’s like he’s having a mole removed. The most we get is a dream sequence in which Rick can’t seem to play “Rock of Ages” quite well enough for Mutt. BFD.

5. Gotta love where this episode breaks off. Steve laughs in Rick’s face. HA!

Well, perhaps the bright side is that the series is winding down. Let’s see, we’ve got to have Steve’s flush down the toilet, some tears from Amber Valleta, Rick’s triumphant return to drumming, some more number one hits and… we’re out. I think we can do that in about 3 more episodes.

I like this montage, don’t you?

stevejoe photo montage