LOST Extras: New Coffee Table Book

In honor of the final season of LOST, ABC and Grinder Press are releasing a coffee table book entitled LOST’S Hottest Extras: The Castaways You May Have Missed.

Most of us were probably focused on Sawyer’s, I’m sorry, James’s shiny chest or maybe Sayid’s curly locks or even perhaps Kate’s… freckles. Here’s just a sampling of the hotties you missed.

Extra On BoatTracey Andrews
Season 3

Actually, I got cut from my big scenes. I was supposed to be the survivor who boarded the sailboat with Sayid, Sun and Jin when they went off to cover Jack, Kate and Sawyer. They wanted someone to die by being shot in the head and I was up for the task. This photo is from my test shots to see how good I’d look on the boat! But then they decided that an Other would get shot in the stomach instead and I got the boot!

You can still see me in some other Season 3 shots – I’m usually in the background cutting fruit in the camp kitchen and I have one scene when I’m jogging down the beach. That was my idea – I said, “Hey, just because these people are trapped on this island doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t care about their health anymore,” and the producers listened to me.

Talmida RasaExotic Other Extra
Season 3, 4, 5

I was originally hired to play an Other. Since the origins of the Others is kinda unknown, they wanted a little exotic flavor thrown in. Let’s face it – Kate and Juliet are pretty white bread! In some early scenes, I look smokin’ hot with my rifle in the Others’ camp but later on I’m mostly seen on the beach. They didn’t really know what to do with me so sometimes I played an Other and sometimes I was one of the survivors of the plane crash. At one point there was going to be a story line about me and Ben time jumping to Amsterdam and smoking weed but that got scrapped.

I’m really proud of this shot. It was taken at The Orchid.

Sporty ExtraOlive Johnson
Season 4, 5

I played an Other. Mostly I was in the marching scenes. I marched across a lot of rocks, let me tell you. I was also in a beach volleyball scene – Others Vs. Survivors but then they cut that. Which is a shame because I was in a half-shirt and a bikini bottom!

In some of my scenes they made me wear fake dreds, which was really disappointing to me. There are sisters out there who like the outdoors without being dirty crunchy, you know? But since I was a Black woman living with a bunch of white Others, they thought I should have a hippie vibe. But in one scene I’m in the background wearing my hot pink bathing suit, watering some flowers outside my house in the Others compound. I’m glad they chose this shot for the coffee table collection!

Kathy ConnellPlus Size Extra
Season 1

I was in Season one, the plane crash, so, yeah, I’m in the big, iconic scene with everyone just confused as hell, screaming. I ran around the beach with a Diet Coke can in my hand because I thought, well, my character was having a Diet Coke right before the plane crashed and somehow she’s still got it in her hand. I pushed hard for them to cast me as a regular because, you know, what plane have you ever been on that didn’t have woman like me on it? But they didn’t want me because I’m plus-sized. They only wanted plus-sized if they could have the model Emme or Delta Burke and neither of them was available. Well, that’s what they said, anyway.

But the experience was great. I got to run around in the hot sun and then sit around one of the fires at night for a few episodes until they got rid of me. This photo is from episode two. I was in the water trying to help fish and then I was sorting through the suitcases. At one point I ask Charlie if a comb I found in the sand belongs to him! Yay!

Extra ManMax Lloyd
Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6

I’m in every season but you never see my face. If there’s ever a pair of legs shown moving through the jungle, that’s me. I was hired for my… legs. OK, I’m also a stand-in for Sawyer. There were some hotter sex scenes than that one in the cage but they cut them all out and it turned out Josh Holloway was OK with being in them himself.

This photo in the book is from Season 1. If you blink, you might miss me but at one point I’m standing by the plane wreckage, my pants seared off my body from the fire and I’m just wearing my underwear. I told the producers that my underwear would most likely be soiled – I mean, who wouldn’t shit themselves if they were in a plane crash? But that didn’t go over. In fact, they insisted on this white pair.

I’m also going to be in Season 6. Watch for me in the Ibiza nightclub scene – a foam party. I can’t say anything more than that but it’s gonna be hot.