Behold The Legendary Whitetails

In my earlier post today, I mentioned my whitetail deer coloring book. Tonight I scanned in some of the images so I could share with everyone just how very touching this book is… A primer for all the little hunters out there.

We start with a majestic buck, minding his own business… and business is good. “Hmmm… I feel like foraging!”

majestic buck 2

But then, as so often happens, humans come around meddling… Rattling antlers to make the buck think there’s some action to be had somewhere…

Rattling For bucks 2

And hiding out in the trees with their rifles, looking sleepy and downright lackadaisical as they contemplate ending his life.

rifle on a buck 2

Sometimes they miss… After all, they’re only human.

missing the deer 2

But sometimes they hit their mark and your head goes on the wall.

Buck Head 2

C’est la vie!!

2 thoughts on “Behold The Legendary Whitetails

  1. I am mighty tempted to download these and color them in PhotoShop. With subject matter like this coloring books are fun for all ages!

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