Grey Gardens Odds-n-Ends

Check out this post on the blog Jezebel that shows all the fashion that’s going to be in the HBO Grey Gardens movie on Saturday, April 18th. Yes, the movie stars Drew Barrymore as my beloved Little Edie and I’m not really OK with that but the fashion in this movie is absolutely outstanding. They went to great lengths to find the best revolutionary costumes.

Also, check out the May issue of Town & Country Magazine because it’s The Hamptons Issue. Between Grey Gardens and The Real Housewives, I feel as if I’ve been living in the virtual Hamptons for the past month. Anyway, they have an article about Jessica Lange playing Big Edie in the movie that includes a spread of photos of Little Edie as a little girl, teenager, etc. She was beautiful. My favorite photo of her in her youth is when she modeled a swimming suit for a Hamptons fashion show and she’s standing on the wooden runway with everyone looking up at her.

No, I’m not a regular reader of Town & Country. I stumbled across it at a coffee shop. I didn’t know they still published this mag. And T&C publish other things as well, like this! I kind of want to write for them.