My Outlook on HauteLook

This week I found out about and I was instantly hooked. Basically, it’s a site for sales on designer clothing but they only hold any one sale for 12 to 48 hours and for only one to two designers at a time.

You go to the site, register (this is really easy and ensures that you’ll get an e-mail every time a new sale starts) and you can see what “events” are coming up and get to know the designer’s work by watching a video and then seeing some layouts from magazines that feature their work. There are also a lot of pics of celebrities wearing the clothes, if you care that, say, Lindsey Lohan wore one of the dresses once or that the stars of The Hills favor a certain kind of trapezoid-shaped shirt. There’s a little clock on each “event” telling you when the sale will start and then, once it’s going, how much longer it will go on.

The videos are pretty funny. Most of them tell you nothing and are simply montages of photos of models wearing the clothes, set to music. You can almost hear the designer muttering about their “vision” in the background. One I watched was an interview with the designer and that was somewhat interesting, to hear about how she designs the fabrics, etc.

Once a sale begins, all the clothing from that designer is on one page and you can just scroll down and take everything in. The prices are up to about 75% off retail. Some things are still out of my price range. Some things seem extremely reasonable. I’ve found in my whole one week of belonging to the site that day dresses are usually priced in a fairly decent range and they are in styles and fabrics, etc. that you won’t see at Target.

Also, they feature designer clothes for kids too, which could be silly or cool, depending upon your disposition. And there was at least one sale of purses this week. And there’s also HauteMagazine, the blog part of the site where pictures (more celebs) are posted and you can vote on whether they’re Haute or Not, etc. etc.

3 thoughts on “My Outlook on HauteLook

  1. I know, don’t you just love Hautelook. I check the sale every single morning and end up buying something at least twice a week …you just can’t beat the prices!

  2. you should check out – I found out about it through – They had a Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Sale last week! I think a code for an invitation might be ‘topbutton’

  3. I did go check out The Top Secret. The design (or at least the logo) is scarily like The Secret, which also uses a “dripping wax stamp” motif if I’m not mistaken. But I signed up and am awaiting the next sale, which begins Sept. 10th. No preview is available yet.

    For anyone wondering, Top Secret offers designer clothing at up to 75% off through private sales (which means you have to become a member.)

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