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The Wednesday Outlook – April 27, 2011

photo by keith pille

I’ve been doing some preliminary spring cleaning lately. I have yet to get out into the yard due to the lack of nice days. The only truly nice day in recent memory was Easter Sunday, and that required us to take the bikes out for a ride and then sit in our chairs in the back yard while enjoying the first fire of the year. I’ve never been so happy to have a face full of smoke and ash raining down on me as I drew sketches of Freja pouting.

She hates fire. It seems like a good instinct for an animal to have – self-preservation and all – but it’s annoying the way she moves about the yard, making a show of not going near the fire but being within eyesight as she curls into a Pout Ball.

Spring cleaning… I went through all my socks and decided that I am simply not the kind of  person who wears mid-length sock. They have to be low-rise for exercise and knee-high for daily wear. I don’t want a sock that pouches somewhere around my ankle. It’s good to have this cleared up.
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