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The Short Stack: January 31 (Finally)

Every Friday, I share  the pop culture, fashion, lit and randomness that crossed my radar during the week. + stuff like food. Enjoy!

First things first… masks and eye coverings are on the rise in fashion…. it’s time to hide your face, I guess.

masks featured on models in fashion ads
Masks in Dior ad, Louis Vuitton ad, Calvin Klein editorial.

Oh Maw Gawd The Weather
Not only does the weather suck, it’s sucking the life out of me. I got stranded in a snowbank trying to go to Body Pump! Not a finer moment. Plus, my hair is gross. My dog is crazy. So crazy I was looking at puppies online today, thinking that if I just gave her something interactive to play with, she’d stop whining. People are mean to each other. There is no civility. Mad Men is not coming back until April? Great, we’ll all be dead by then.

[Favorite Mad Men scene: Don enters a meeting and Lane is going over their expenses from their Baltimore trip and then complains about office supplies and disappearing credenzas. Don leaves the meeting.]

I’m not sure how anyone who had Ava Gardner calling him at 3 am to slur her deepest, darkest secrets manages to write a boring book but Peter Evans pulled it off. Granted, after she spilled the beans she decided against publishing  – he had to wait until she died and then, after he finished writing it, he died. Makes me wonder if Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations is a first draft. Maybe he sent it to his editor with a note that said, “Here’s something I banged out over the weekend. What do you think?” and then kicked off that very night. In any case, you have to read A LOT of the same conversation before you get to the dirt. Take out all those parts where she’s wondering if she’d doing the right thing by telling her story and you’re left with about 20 pages of what a horn dog Mickey Rooney was, what a brute Artie Shaw and George C Scott were and something about Sinatra having a big dick.

About to embark upon Tori Spelling memoir number 3: uncharted terriTORI. After flipping through it I suspect that it’s about as uncharted as a Sandals resort in the Bahamas: seems like a retread of Mommywood. But I can’t say no to this…

Tori Spelling
Safari, anyone?

Plus, I want to be completely up-to-date when living in purgaTORI, her book about her troubles with Dean cheating and going to rehab, comes out. Christmas, er, Hanukkah, 2014?

Here’s what happened to Charlie from Girls, in case you care.

Sweatshirts (or sweaters) with lace fronts. See here. That’s all I have to say. Kind of “Physical” by Olivia Newton John meets Stevie Nicks running errands.

Also, I got back into a pair of jeans I wore in… 2008. They are not in style. They were probably not in style then. I have never been so happy. (see reference to Body Pump above.)

Do you have a hard time figuring out what to snack on? I spend more time figuring out what is an appropriate snack than worrying about my retirement fund (which I spend zero time thinking about – I’m American!) Now baked pea crisps are sweeping the country. One week I had never had a baked pea and now I’m being offered them by strangers. My boss has an economy-size bag on her desk. And there must be a very effective marketing campaign going on because no fewer than three people have said to me, “Probably not great for you but so much better than eating potato chips.” May I ask when is the last time you saw anyone having a bag of potato chips for a snack? But here’s the truth about the peas.

Meanwhile, I’m falling in love with vegan chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I got her recipe book, Isa Does It!, for Xmas and I’ve made meals that have rocked the house. Plus, she has her website, The Post Punk Kitchen, with new recipes all the time, like this one for buffalo chickpea pitas with ranch for Super Bowl/ Puppy Bowl/Kitten Bowl. Get on that Isa train! She’s also on Twitter. And she lives in Omaha.

Nothing. Everything. Cardio. Staring at the wall. Watching dogs cross country ski.

Keith says, “Everyone should go running this weekend. Running is good.”