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Golden Globes 2011 – The Recap

Well. If you look at many of my predictions for the Globes, I was sorely mistaken. My biggest mistake was in overestimating just how much Johnny Depp Kool-Aid the HFP was drinking. Depp got two nominations but was then passed over in favor of Paul Giamatti for his role in a movie called Barney’s Version or Barney’s Vision that I’m fairly certain only 13 people in Manhattan ever saw.

Besides, now the mystery of Johnny Depp has moved on from, “Why did he get two nominations for two very mediocre films?” to “Why is he so orange?” And I do mean orange. ORANGE.

This is what Depp used to look like:

depp not orange

And this is what he looked like last night, although this photo does not capture the full Tangy-ness of the man:

johnny depp orange

It’s as if he got a bit too enamored of his Pirates of the Caribbean make-up and decided to keep it as his day look.

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