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99 Projects: Prepster Pouch

Project #2: Preppy Zipper Pouch to hold small  purse essentials (lipstick, Band-Aids, safety pins, free drink tickets, aspirin, my calling cards…)

That’s my attempt at being all “Tennis, anyone?” Here’s a flat view:

Now I’d like to take a moment to point out that although my bag is preppy, it cost very little to make. I used fabric and some trim I’ve had for years. I got the applique of the rackets at ARC for 30 cents (came with an anchor for more preppy fun) and I happened to have a package of tiny pom pom balls in a variety of colors so I used a yellow one for my tennis ball. Let me just show you a close-up:

Sun was kinda bright in the yard, huh?

Also, I went to a church garage sale and found cloth napkins that had never been used for 25 cents and cut one up to be my checked preppy liner for the bag, as seen here:

Best of all, cats like this bag and come to see what it’s all about whenever I bring it out:

Have a Preppy Day!