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2014: Bringing Clown Salad Back

2014 is the Year of Clown Salad

Here’s today’s pic:

Tiny moccasin keychain abandoned in snow.

So, what’s clown salad? Back in 2011, I described it this way:

  • Any time you see one of those plastic teeth flossers lying in a gutter or on the sidewalk, that’s total clown salad.
  • A band-aid floating in a pool is clown salad.
  • Mel Gibson is clown salad. So is Brett Favre, apparently.
  • When you get trapped trying to exit a parking ramp after a big event lets out, that’s total clown salad. As you sit in your car, inching forward, you may say to your companions, “Will you look at this clown salad?”
  • Twinkies are not clown salad but those circus peanut candies are.
  • The Twilight movies are clown salad. Scott Baio is also clown salad.

To update this list for 2014 I would like to add:

  • Most sad, abandoned things you find on the ground (except money) are clown salad.
  • Any shoe you see on the side of the highway is clown salad.
  • People who write checks in the grocery store check-out lane are clown salad. Double clown salad: they don’t start writing it out until they get their total.
  • Pumping gas in below zero temps is clown salad, especially if the sad man in the Buick LaSabre one pump over is sitting in his car scratching lottery cards.
  • That duck hunting family of rubes who have a reality show are clown salad.
  • Otis Spunkmeyer muffins are clown salad.
  • The real name for ham salad or, heaven forbid, beef salad, is clown salad. Seriously, don’t eat that stuff.

Be on the lookout for clown salad and you’ll start to see it everywhere. Think of it as a zen experience – you are merely noting and documenting the clown salad. YOU ARE NOT THE CLOWN SALAD.

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