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99 Projects: Embroidered Portrait

Project #7: Embroidered Pet Portrait

Over a year ago, Freja and I were walking through a park and I stopped to take some photos of her. One of them always cracks me up because I’m never sure what to make of the look on her face:

I created a collage on my bedroom wall of thrifted portraits, photos and drawings of dogs but it was missing my own dog. So I traced the photo onto tracing paper with a special pencil, ironed it so that those lines transferred onto fabric and went to work. After many hours embroidering while watching everything from Arrested Development, Project Runway and to the movie The Fly, I finally finished:

It’s definitely not an exact translation but I like the crafty, maybe kid-like quality it has. Perhaps this photo provides a better view, I can’t decide:

Now just have to get around to adding it the wall collection!